Rainy Weekend

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday already!

The weather has finally gotten somewhat summery here in Central Ontario; the leaves and flowers are out in full force... as are the mosquito's. Dan and I are thinking of a spur of the moment camping trip this evening. That is what summer in Canada is all about! Bonfires, toasted marshmallows, and getting eaten alive by creepy crawly blood sucking insects.

I am procrastinating before setteling down infront of my sewing machine for the day. I am going to make a trip to the Farmers Market, and the fabric store to get some supplies, then it's off to work.

You may have heard that our Postal Workers were going on strike? Well, they ARE on strike, but a rolling strike, every 24 hours, by city. So, really it is not affecting us that much. Which is good for everyone who has orders with me! Things are being processed as fast as my little hands can sew!

I got a Blackberry over the week and it is making leaps and bounds in increasing my organization. I live in creative, functional chaos. I used to use an agenda to write down my to-do's and appointments... now I have a black berry that "dings" to remind me of those appointments! Much better. I also now have my all of my social feeds in one place, which is helpful between emails, texts, tweets, and facebook queries.

How do you stay organized?

PS. There is THREE months until my wedding!

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