Annoyed with this Town...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I lived in the biggest city in Canada for years and never had the problems or encounters I am having here - I even lived in on of the the worst parts of town for a few years! Yes, I had the crying lady in the apartment next door in Toronto, but now I have drug dealers doing deals in my parking lot, and gang fights out my window at 3am.

I really, really, really want a house in the country. I have not slept a single, whole night in days because there are creeps outside my apartment, having yelling matches and brawls! Oh yeah, I should mention, my apartment is pretty isolated, and in the parking lot of a Bank. This is where weirdos go to fight.

Last night I finally called the cops when I realized a group of guys were kicking another guy in the face, on the ground. Enough is enough...

So, stay away from my apartment, because I will call the cops on you!!! I just want a nights sleep..


  1. I'm quite familiar with Orillia, but mostly in the daytime :) We've always called it a "Senior's Town" and I guess like a lot of small towns, the youth are bored and looking for excitement. It sucks that it's happening next to your apartment!

  2. Orillia is wretched at night! Honestly, it is a lovely city but has a terrible drug, crime, and poverty issues.


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