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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ahh! I am starting to feel a little bit more caught up! I sewed so many undies this weekend!  I am only working 3 days this week at the office, so I am hoping to be in an even better position at the end of the week... I am hoping to fit in a night of camping this coming weekend to help me wind down a little bit.  There is nothing better than a camp fire, marshmallows, and sleeping in a tent to help me relax.  

 I sewed 6 pairs of ruffle bloomers on Sunday.  I think that must be my record.  All of my garments with ruffled lace, the lace is ruffled entirely by hand.  On each pair of ruffle bloomers, I gather a total of 6 meters of lace. Though I must admit, I sometimes enlist my husband to help me with the ruffling - four hands are better than two, and he is an excellent ruffler, if I do say so myself!  The ruffling is definitely the most labour-intensive part of making ruffle bloomers.


  1. You're incredibly hard-working and deserve every success because of it! I love that you get your husband to help with the ruffling and I find it so interesting to hear snippets of what goes into your makes!

  2. Hand ruffled? Are you kidding?! Now, that's quality work you can't get in the stores :)

  3. Sounds like you have been one hell of a busy bunny! Looking forward to seeing your creations! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I remember you bought a ruffle maker foot to your Pfaff machine. Doesn't that help?

    1. Good memory! My ruffler attaches the ruffle only along the edge of a piece of fabric - on my ruffle bloomers it gets sewn too high, and I can't seem to make any lace ruffle properly by machine. The thread gets all knotted. I need to invest in a better ruffler. Mine is more for shirring really :)


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