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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dan and I both had an extended weekend, so we decided to fill it FULL of projects.  Now I'm exhausted and getting ready to go back to work.  We ended up going camping on Friday night, which started off with me getting a fat lip when Oliver kicked me in the face, then a run-in with a bear... Not the best camping trip ever - we both felt rushed and never really got into the swing of things.  We came home early on Saturday, moved my piano from my parents place to my house, and did a few things around the house (including finally finishing painting the bathroom vanity!).

We had to move a bunch of furniture on the main floor to make room for the piano.  I ended up painting an old Ikea bookshelf, white, and put it in my room for clothes storage.  We also put some drapery panels over our bed, since we don't' have a headboard, to fill up some empty space.  My bedroom finally is starting to look half decent.  It was one of the least-nice spaces in the house.

I finally got the guest bedroom set up, after having it sit empty for the last 6 months.  It is the perfect home for my doll house, and will be home for my best friend, who is coming to visit for birthday celebrations next week! I can't wait to have her here, and I am excited to actually have a place for her to stay.

Here is the beast of a piano that my husband, my dad, and my brother moved for me.  I didn't really want the piano, but now that it is here, I've enjoyed playing it, and it actually goes nicely in the room.  I've become very rusty over the years...

 I even managed to fit in some sewing this weekend and got an order or two completed, and a birthday gift started.


  1. I honetsly don't know how you fit it all in! You are a real inspiration to me, I just wish I had your super-powers or at least stamina ;o)

    1. I can't sit still... sometimes it's a problem because I'm not very good at unwinding and relaxing.. I also start a ton of projects, and only half of them get finished (only post the finished ones here!!). It drives my husband crazy :)

  2. The rooms look so beautiful! Mine are horrible - I call my decorating style "college-dorm chic" - just a hodge-podge of collected stuff but nothing looks put together nor does anything match. We got a piano last year from a local church for free - it was really old but in perfect condition (turns out, it was made in 1910!), and that was a monstrosity to get in the house - fit in the back sliding door by centimeters! Don't think we'll be getting it back out of the house if we ever move!

    1. Everything kind of went together by fluke :) Most of our stuff is hand-me-down or auction finds. We don't have much money for decorating so we've painted some of our old mix-matched furniture, and found a few things cheap at auction. Everything else, I threw a white table cloth over. Instant matching furniture lol

      Moving pianos is not a fun job. I definitely think if we ever sell the house, the piano might come with it lol I bet the piano you have is beautiful! I think mine is from the '40s...


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