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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I feel like I just gave notice to my job yesterday...though I'm on week three, or maybe it's four (?) of self-employment.  So far, so good, the world hasn't spontaneously collapsed around me or anything! *knock on wood*

I am still finding myself very busy, but much less stressed when I take a day or two completely off.  Last Saturday my dad came into put up some French Doors with Dan, then afterwards Dan and I took a snowy walk around downtown, window shopped in the antique stores, and drank fancy, expensive coffees from my favourite little coffee shop.  It was so nice.  Afterwards, we came home, and I knitted and watched movies.  I really love the winter.

This weekend, I hope to get my second french door up.  This house is so out of level, putting up a door turned out to be a whole day event. Most of the trim had to come off, and now needs repainting, and because our floors are so warped, the door required some creative cutting... But the one door is in and looks awesome, and will keep our living area much warmer (our front entry way stays at about 13 Celcius)! I know that open concept is the 'modern look', and I'm essentially blocking off my rooms the way the house originally was, but I really like the coziness of having separate rooms.  We are actually planning on dividing our living room/dining room with bookshelves and columns this winter.  My poor old house has been so neglected... it feels so good to give it a second life!

Aside from home improvements, which truly are never ending, I went with my mom, aunt & cousin to the One of a Kind show in Toronto.  It was slightly disappointing, and everything was pretty much out of my Christmas spending budget.  I went two years ago and got a ton of stuff... this year wasn't as good, I found many of the vendors were very, very similar, especially the clothing vendors.  I would have loved to have seen more variety  and Variety in pricing too...  On top of that, my mom tried on an 'all natural, organic' hand cream that she developed an allergic reaction to and was sneezing, and eyes watering the whole way through!  I made only a very small dent in my Christmas Shopping, and am very tired today... I had been considering selling at the Spring One of a Kind show, through Etsy (they have table deals for vendors), but am now thinking it's not such a great idea...

Later this morning my little 'nephew' is coming over for the day.  We were just at his 3rd Birthday Party on Sunday, which was a total riot.  His parents organized an Amazing Race all over their property, which is out in the woods just north of town.  It was so much fun, and the kids had a blast... however, that too was exhausting! So, I feel like the last two days have been very tiring, and I haven't even touched my sewing machine since Friday!

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  1. Sometimes it is good to take a break from the sewing machine, I find it energises me and makes me happy to be back at it again.


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