Monday, November 19, 2012

Yesterday was such a great day! My best friend  Abbey and her Boyfriend came up from the city... We ate lunch at a local greasy spoon, took a walk along the lake, watched a bit of the Santa Claus Parade downtown, then had coffee & conversation at my house.  Afterwards, I found these stunning photos in my inbox. 
Graciela from IndigoLOVE Photography contacted me about a month ago.  I really loved her natural yet quirky styling, so I was excited to send her a few pieces a few weeks ago. This is the thing I love the most about the internet, being able to meet and connect with so many amazing, talented people!
I really love the setting for these photos.


Ruffles Bralette
Starlette Set & my favourite photo!


  1. OMG! Girl crush!!!! Wowsers, what lovely pics to show off your lovely work.

  2. Wow Sarah, love your style so much, with these beautiful pics your lingerie even look more lovely.


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