Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have been so busy! I love it! Yesterday  I met with a local woman who makes handmade cards, wedding invitations, and scrapbooks - she's thinking of getting into the business of doing invitations through Etsy, as well as DIY scrapbook and card kits. It was nice to sit down with a fellow crafter!

The rest of the day I spent cutting orders, and replying to emails.  I seem to have, in the process, injured the middle finger on my left hand. I think it's actually a cyst... but it's bruised and large and awkward and...  I'm  big whiny baby, so I have to mention it! This morning my little brother is coming over to help me get some yard work done before the snow comes. We have a small lot - though in the grand scheme of city lots, I suppose it's a decent size - with lots of leaves!  My brother is so handy and always good to help out when I need him.  Gosh, brothers are such a nice thing to have.

I am also preparing a bunch of new items - specifically new Cheeky panties, High waist Panties, and French Knickers & a couple new camisoles - because Cyber Monday is quickly approaching!!!


  1. Isn't it great when family help out with your yard? My Dad has been helping me.


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