Doors, doors, doors!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I feel like we have done nothing but installed doors over the last few months... We replaced our front and back door at the end of the summer and just finished our french doors yesterday (and got our little christmas tree up too!). 

As the weather started getting cooler, and our furnace started running what seemed like every few minutes, we figured out that the front entry way of our house, and the stairway, are probably the coldest parts of our house.  So, we thew some curtains up in the door way to see if that would help make our main living area a little warmer... and it made a big difference.  So, we decided to invest in some french doors to block off the entry way.

I am incredibly fortunate that my dad is able to get me a good deal on things like this, and helps us install everything, otherwise there would be no way we could afford to have all of the beautiful home improvements we have done!  The doors ended up being a little more complicated than we had thought, due to the fact that absolutely nothing in this house is level.  At least I know, at this point, it's done all of the shifting it's going to do :)

We have a few more projects that need to be done around the house.  Our chimney needs to be repaired, our garage is literally falling down and needs to be rebuilt, and I'd really like to drywall and insulate our entry way.  I'm getting a little tired of the paneling... though it does have it's charm :)

My little sewing area is just on the other side of this door. Now I'll be able to stay toasty warm while I sew, with out getting chilly blasts of air from this room.


  1. I absolutely love the first photo - where you have a mannequin placed next to your xmas tree wearing a pair of undies!

    1. haha! Panties are so normal around here... it wasn't until we had a repair man in to fix our internet that I realized my whole living room is strewn with lingerie! :)

  2. I read your blog and really like this blog. Thanks.


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