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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So far, being self employed is awesome.  It's got it's down sides, like adjusting to not having a regular pay cheque, and being hyper-aware of every dollar you spend (probably a good thing, regardless).  Another thing I am struggling with is avoiding distractions.

For me, a sink full of dirty dishes is a major distraction.  A dog-hair covered rug cannot go without being vacuumed once I notice it.   If I hear an email come in, I get distracted at the computer then have a hard time getting back to my sewing machine. I'm finding myself being distracted by other things that are equally as productive, but maybe not as high up on my list of importance as completing an order...

So, that is something I am struggling with, but I'm sure it will come with time.  I am very proud of myself for a few things... first, I have not let myself sleep in, and I always start my day by 8:30.  I take a bit of time every evening to tidy my studio before calling it a day, and things are staying organized and under control...  Lastly, and totally unrelated to work, I am eating so much more healthy!  Having the time in your day makes a world of difference... I start my day with a smoothie, have a home made granola bar a little later on, leftovers from the night before for lunch, then a homemade meal for dinner.  I'm embarrassed to admit what my previous diet consisted of... a big, sugary muffin for breakfast, fast food for lunch (we had no lunch room and by lunch hour I was desperate for an escape!), by the time I got home I'd be so exhausted we'd probably eat out again, or I'd throw a frozen pizza in the oven... I really love to cook and bake so it has been awesome to have the time and flexibility to do so.

So, overall, life is good! Staying on task is something I've really struggled with over the years; I tend to have so many ideas, so many things going on in my head it's hard to focus on just one for fear I might lose my great ideas if I don't act on them in the moment!  That's something I'd like to work on and improve on.

In other news, I finished the custom bra I was working on.  I really like it but am really anxious to hear how it fits! Fingers crossed!!


  1. Eating well is totally related to work! If you don't have all the right stuff going into your body, then you won't have the energy and creativity to work on your beautiful creations! I love the new bra, that pink satin is divine, plus it looks super comfy!

  2. what a beautiful bra!!!
    I can completely commiserate with the whole motivation and self-discipline thing. I work from home (painting and creating) 4 days of the week and it has been a struggle. I just finished an awesome book, "The War of Art," that has made a big difference in how I deal with inner resistance to my work! I highly recommend it to anyone who creates... paintings, lingerie, blueprints, whatever.
    And kudos to you for eating healthier! :)

  3. I believe, eating well relates to how you feel. When I am happy and positive about life I eat well. Home baked healthy meals. When I am depressed out comes the sugary treats ans junk food, which in turn only makes me feel more crap. So I think your healthy food is a sign of how positive and good it it is that you have taken this huge jump and working for yourself.
    As far as motivation, set yourself a timetable. Eg
    8:30 - 9:30 breakfast and tidy house
    9:30 - 10:30 sew
    10:30 - 11 social media
    11 - 12 sew
    12 -1 lunch, no machines or computers. sit in the sun, read a book, bake eat lunch
    1-3 sew have a good session before the afternoon slump hits
    3- 4 be lazy allow yourself to get distracted by what ever takes your fancy
    4- 5 regroup, organise sewing and orders

    I followed a similar routine when I was writing my thesis, yes it looks as if you don't actually do a lot of work time. But I found myself working harder in the periods of "work" time as I allowed myself plenty of time off during the day. If you have deadlines, you can always work a bit extra in the evenings.

    1. A timetable is a great idea! Really helps plan out the day and give some structure. I tend to spend quite a bit of time walking around aimlessly not even knowing where to start!

    2. Yep, I did a similar timetable to Iliska's during grad school - it really helped out with staying on task and getting all the needed work done. I even planned meals for each night and still do 8 years later!

  4. Love the bra! I hope it works out so that you can start making more. I also am an odd size 32DD and it's horrible trying to find a good fit - almost as bad as jean shopping!

  5. I work from home too - and I think Iliska's timetable is brilliant. Conceding that the time that you actually work in a focused manner is about four hours a day is brilliant. It forces you to focus more while you are doing it. The other thing to add in there is to not answer the phone during those hours. I find that phone calls are my biggest distraction, next to the computer (which I deal with once a day, then leave). I love chatting with family and friends, but I'm not focused on getting work done, so I feel perpetually behind. It's been great while my kids are in school though.

    I am absolutely in love with all your flannel things - so I like the practice bra more than the finished product. Off to the sewing room (after I deliver everyone where they need to be and do some Christmas shopping ) (Did I mention that I get distracted easily?)

  6. I'm so glad that you're settling into a new routine! I too struggle with distraction and wanting to fix things immediately after I see them. But it doesn't help you to be very productive if you're starting and stopping all day (ask me how I know!)! I hope things will only get better and better from here on out as you get used to working in a new way!

    As usual, love the bra!

  7. Balance comes with time and many mistakes but from I read - you're on your way. Doesn't it feel great too? The corporate life is hectic and I definitely understand how the last thing you want to do after a long day at the office is cook.

    I love the custom bra - is it lined in jersey? I just made a bra that was lined in jersey and it is so comfortable to wear! I'll keep my fingers crossed it fits too!

  8. ugh, i feel ya! i work from home and always get distracted by clutter and things that need to be washed. it's gotten to the point where i've considered going to one of those co-working spaces that you can rent for when i just do computer work (can't really sew at those place).

    i've also completely given up on waking up early and have just resigned myself to going to sleep at 3 am and waking up at an hour that i am embarrassed to type. let's just say that my only experience with mornings is when it is still dark. :/

    on the other hand in the 6 months after i left my old job i had lost several pounds which i mostly attribute to not eating bad-for-you lunches like i did at my job.

    on less "me"-related note, i'm enjoying your new-ish contour style bras you've been doing lately. i just like seeing the variety of creative designs you do! ;)

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