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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Do you follow the wash instructions on all of your clothes?

I have to admit, I don't... I machine was as many things as possible!

When you order from me, you will find, attached to your package, a small label with wash instructions.  Previously, I had been advising that you hand wash your lingerie.  I still stand by the fact that to prolong the life, colour, and structure of these delicate pieces, they should be hand washed and hanged to dry.  However, I have to admit I machine wash most of my lingerie.

I wear a lot of my own designs on a regular basis (but not exclusively! I do love a La Senza Cotton knicker to be honest), and am lazy when it comes to laundry.  Most of my satin & lace panties & jersey panties can be machine washed in cold on a delicate cycle.  Here's a quick rundown of some Do's and Don'ts for washing your lingerie

DO wash in cold water only.  This preserves the colour and prevents running.  It's also easier on your energy bill.  You're welcome!
DO tumble dry your flannel panties.  They will get softer with each wash.
DON'T machine dry stretch lace.  The small elastics woven into the lace will heat and break, causing sadness all around.
DO use common sense! Delicate fabrics, like the sequins pictured below can only be hand washed.
DON'T use bleach.  Do use a gentle detergent.  Bleach breaks down delicate elastics and fibers.
DO be careful what you wash with your delicates   Avoid washing your lingerie with garments that could cause snags, like jeans with zippers, garments with velcro, etc.  I wash my delicates with towels to prevent snags. 
DON'T put garments with raw edges, like Ruffle Bloomers, in the washer or dryer.  You'll end up with a thready mess. Handwash only, and hang to dry.
DO iron your cotton or satin lingerie on a 'silk' or 'medium' setting.  You might find they look wrinkly when they are washed.  Avoid pressing any bows, lace, or trims, and always test your setting on an inconspicuous place. 

Happy Washing!


  1. I almost never follow the washing instructions, I don't even separate the whites :) Our machine has a wool setting, so I can even wash those without worrying about shrinkage.

  2. As per the recommendation of my local lingerie shop, I tried and loved a detergent called "Soak". 1 tsp per gallon of not-cold/not-hot water and 15 mins of soak time for knits and delicates. No rinsing, and let air dry.

    This is the first time that I've washed some of my sweaters! We use non-scented, and it comes out smelling clean.

    This is not to be a corporate shill of some variety, merely to let you know if you wanted to try something else. It's really quite easy. And they sell little "travel kits" or samples IMO for $2 at my local store. Perhaps your bras need it less than mine (I wear underwires exclusively) but I'd never found a happy medium to wash them before.

  3. Totally off topic but that sequin fabric is seriously pretty!!! ^_^

  4. When you order from me, you will find, attached to your package, a small label with wash instructions. Previously, lingerie


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