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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm an introvert, through and through.  I'm not the kind of girl who has ever had a whole lot of friends, but I've been very lucky to have just a few close ones throughout my life... and Abbey is one of the closest. I met Abbey several years ago, can't remember the year exactly, but it was shortly after college and she and I ended up working together in a textile design studio.  We worked together for a few months before we really  even started talking. One day we wound up on the same bus headed to work, so I sat beside her and tried to small talk.  I had been absent the day before, so she asked where I had been.  I was embarrassed to report that we had an unfortunate and emotionally exhausting "porch fire" at the house I had been renting, as a result of an errantly thrown and non-extinguisher joint (not mine!) that landed in a planter full of peat moss during a birthday party, only to smoulder throughout the day and burst into flames late Sunday night... I took the Monday off due to emotional exhaustion (and probably a lagging hangover). Oh, early 20's I miss you! Anyway... something about the joint-sparked birthday porch fire story just clicked, we cracked up laughing and have been friends ever since.  (My landlord didn't find it as funny...)

Me and my Abbey!
Anyway! Abbey came up on Tuesday morning and just left this afternoon.  We got so much done, though I have to admit I feel like Abbey was more productive than I was, I've been feeling very scattered this week...

 Most of Tuesday, Abbey went through my horrendous box of receipts from the last year and organized them into folders and entered them into a super-awesome expense tracking spreadsheet that will now allow me to have my income tax done.  She organized and labelled pattern pieces, she organized my completed orders  & shipping receipts into binders. We packed up orders, prepared some new label, and worked on an inventory catalog with hotlinks for easier ordering of supplies.

Last night we rolled all of my elastic onto cardboard spools while watching episodes of Destination Truth on Netflix. Dan even pitched in and rolled 50 meters of candy-pink elastic for us!  In the process I found things I didn't even know I had... like a ton of snow white fold over elastic.  That's something I can never have enough of.

 I am really liking having my sewing room set up in the spare bedroom.  It has made a big difference in my frame of mind.  It's nice to feel like I "go to work" and "leave" at the end of the day... even though it's just upstairs.  Abbey labelled my binders for me, everything is starting to look so professional, and I'm starting to feel like I'm really running a business.

A rare photo of Ohhh Lulu herself!


  1. Your space looks so organized! It's nice to have good friends! :)

  2. Can Abbey come round to mine next, please? She sounds like a dream!

  3. oh it looks lovely! I wish I could volunteer to help out sometimes too. I'll have to find a Lulu in the SF area :)

  4. I recognize some of those books from my own shelves. I wish my sewing room was even half that organized.

  5. Wow. Everything looks so organized. So much more fun with a friend.


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