Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two weeks ago, my 7 month old laptop died.  Like, blue screen of death, no operating system, total hard drive failure, data not retrievable death. With my anti-virus software, I thought I had some sort of  back-up, but it turns out it hadn't run since the end of JANUARY!!!  I ended up losing all of my data from the last 7 months... raw pattern files, raw photo files, etc... much of it, luckily, I've uploaded around the web or in emails.  I now have THREE cloud back-ups running. I will will soon be swimming in data!!

I guess the upside is, the repair was free since my computer was so new... it was just "one of those things." But, I did have to buy a new mouse, because I threw mine against a wall in rage... We've all been there. 

Over the last two weeks, I tried using my old laptop, but it has no functioning USB ports and a very, very difficult to use touch pad, not to mention, no sound, and a screen that flickers in and out.  I also tried working off my tablet, which was a bit better than the laptop but typing on the touch screen gets a little trying... I am so glad to have this new laptop back. It is so fast! Great for impatient ladies, like myself.

One thing I did find was that not having a functioning computer made me super productive in the work room. I'm down to about 18 orders in queue, which means I'll be ready for maternity leave soon. I also have almost finished a ready-made collection for fall. I'm a little nervous, since I've never done ready-made before, but I thought this would be a good way to keep my shop open a bit longer, and give people the opportunity to snatch up some of my items for christmas presents, since there will be no processing time, just shipping time!!!

It's been a pretty annoying couple of weeks. Yesterday, I took the day off (I couldn't work anyway because I was waiting on the arrival of some very important elastic!) and went plant-shopping with my mom. I wanted to add some shrubs to my front garden and move some things around.  Most of my plants have come from my mom's garden, and by the time I planted them I had forgotten how big they would get... as a result, I had lovely hostas hidden behind towery bushy things.  I dug 'em all up yesterday and things are looking much better.  I lined our back fence with hostas and lilies. I still need to clean up my back beds, but the front of the house looks much better again.

This weekend is a long weekend here (maybe it is where you are too!). I'm looking forward to spending some time at home with Dan, and a little extra time in the sewing room!

In parting, I thought I'd leave you with some gorgeous photos of  my Tropical Lingerie Set, which were featured on Once Wed.  

Have a nice long weekend, everyone!

Photography: Laura Murray Photography  | Styling & Accessories: Jessica Gallo of Fine & Fleurie  | Local Coordination & Logistics: Anna Calzolaio | Model: Alessia Vaccaro (Indiaarie@hotmail.it) | Lingerie Set: Ohhh Lulu | Film Lab: Mammum | Hair: Marilena Panarelli U | Make-up: Simona D’agrosa (Felicia.g.doyle@gmail.com)


  1. That set is perfect! Absolutely lovely. I'm glad you were able to get your computer fixed- that's mega frustrating. I hear you about gardening, too- I had to go through and re-do things this summer because I didn't space them out correctly last year! Now that they've filled in more, it's way heavier on one side than the other, so I probably need to dig things up again but I just can't work up the energy to do it!

  2. im looking forward to buying some of your ready to wear.

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. On a fashion note- Fantastic colours in this set. Love knickers that come this high up. On a tech note- you've reminded me to use my external hard drive.
    Hope the replacement PC passes muster and congrats on you having a baby!


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