Maternity Leave... I don't want to go!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Before I started running Ohhh Lulu full time, the *idea* of maternity leave sounded like heaven...!  These days though, the thought is actually really stressing me out.  I love running my business, it takes up pretty much all of my time, so it is hard to imagine even taking a month off!

But, I will only get one opportunity to enjoy this newborn baby, so I will be taking a short break.  Starting in August, I will reduce the number of items in my shop and reduce the amount of orders I take.  I have no idea what having a new baby is going to be like (like I said before, I am clueless and without expectation), so I'm not entirely sure how much time I will take off, but I doubt I can stay away too long!  I will keep my pattern shop up and running, though I will likely not be able to get to emails as quickly as I do now. 

Dan will be taking a couple weeks of parental leave when the baby is born. I hope this will help us adjust and give him some extra time to bond with the little one.  Am I ever grateful I live in a place with parental leave for both parents... 

I did recently order a bunch of fall/winter fabrics for Ohhh Lulu. I hope that I can make some ready-made items to relaunch my shop after the baby and I get ourselves settled. I thought that would be a good way to get back into the swing of working + doting over a baby.  

I also have something up my sleeve for my pattern shop... I am working on kits that include fabrics, embellishments & elastic / notions. I am going to first do kits for the Jasmine,  Bambi, Grace, Jane, and maybe Lola... maybe also Brigette, Ava, and Giselle. Kits will be few of a kind and will include everything you need, except the pattern, thread, and needles. I am working on labels, content tags, etc now... but I do hope to have these available soon!

In the meantime, here are a few more pieces from my summer collection... I personally love the last one (and kept a pair for myself!)





  1. Enjoy the time. It go's so fast. Hope it all goes well K xXx

  2. Oh my gosh, KITS!! Yes!! I've only made muslin/toiles of the patterns because I have no idea where to start with sourcing fabrics anywhere near as beautiful as yours. I'm sure it's easy really, but it's become a bit of a mental block, so a kit might be exactly what I need to kick start a rehaul of my underwear drawer!
    Enjoy the maternity leave - little ones don't stay little for long and I'm sure everyone will still be waiting for you when you come back, however long you take :)

    1. Try second hand clothing stores as a source of unique fabrics in just the right amounts to experiment with. Look for knit tops in almost any size, just check the stretch and the fiber content if you are particular about that. You can find some amazing stuff for just a couple of bucks this way. At least in my area, I can get higher quality fabrics this way than in my local fabric store, and in colors and patterns that I will never see there, especially in the knits.

  3. Will we see a line of baby "underwear," as in diapers and covers? I expect you won't be able to resist, and we will see some amazing stuff! Happy gestating!

  4. I think kits are such a great idea!! So much less daunting when someone else had gathered all of the little bits you need. Enjoy your time off with the little one!

  5. Enjoy spending time with your little baby :)

    I love the leopard print set!

  6. I just discovered your blog and love your designs! The daisy print is amazing! When I had my baby, I had a home based business and loved the combination of working when my little man was napping, plus I found it helped keep me motivated and in touch with other people.

  7. Just discovering your patterns! Could you tell me which patterns you used for the animal print set?


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