Best Gift Ever: Organization for my Sewing Stuff!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dan got me the greatest Christmas present this year! A lovely, antique hutch to store all of my fabric, threads, trims, and other doo-dad's. I packed all of my fabric into it this morning. I absolutely love it!
I have all my fabric rolled, and organized: Jerseys in one area, cottons and linens in another, all my lace is together as are all of my "novelty" fabrics, like satiny prints, velvets, etc. I have a drawer full of thread, a drawer full of "Ohhh Lulu" tags and the like... I even have a drawer with all of my lingerie elastics, ribbons, and fastenings organized in little slots.
We spent the morning re-arranging and I am so, so very happy with how much larger our small, 1 bedroom apartment looks!

I couldn't be happier! It is absolutely beautiful, matches my dining table beautifully, and completes my dining/studio area! I feel like I finally have a real work space. Before, I had been storing my fabric stash (which is huge because I worked for Fabric stores for years) in bags stashed throughout the apartment. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I kept all of my trims in a big knot in a plastic bag, which hung off my sewing chair. This is so much better. It makes me wonder what everyone else's Sewing Area's look like...
Tonight we are headed off to my Aunts for Christmas Lasagna, and tomorrow we are having our 2nd Turkey dinner with Dan's family. In my opinion, you can never have enough turkey dinner.


  1. I share my sewing area with my desk area and my daughter's craft area. We take up a little over half the sunroom. The boys have their computers on the "dark side" of the sun room. Meaning they cover up all the windows. :-/

  2. I am lucky to have a very bright apartment with lots of windows! This is my first time having a real "Sewing" area with everything in it, tres exciting!

  3. That's a lovely hutch! What a wonderful present. :) Happy New Year!

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