Christmas Crafting...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Every year I plan on making a whole bunch of gifts... and this year I've actually done it! The last thing I have to do is something for my Grandma!

On my gift list are chunky knitted socks, polka dot lingerie set, and fabric flower broach! I have two more gifts that I can't post because of prying eyes.
I am super happy with these fabric flower broaches! My mom stopped by for coffee this morning (the weather was way too bad for her to get to work), and I gave her one made of Candice Olsen drapery fabrics - grey silk with rhinestones and silk velvet with a burnt out lattice design. I should have photographed it! Or I should just make another one for me!

Tomorrow will be an Ohhh Lulu sewing day... today, I am winding down making dinner for when Dan gets home, Chicken breasts, turnip and carrots! Yummy.


  1. What gorgeous gifts! Love them! Your flower brooch is awesome and you already know how I feel about your fabulous undies ;o) I think one of my New Year's resolutions will be to learn to knit!

  2. Thank you! Knitting has saved my life - I have a very, very boring day job, so I have become an avid sock knitter!


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