A Very Long and Boring Day...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today is going to be both long and very, very boring. Good thing I brought my knitting.

I am sending off my last few orders today. I found I've been making a lot of stupid (fixable) mistakes, like sewing things on backwards, sewing the bottom of a garment into a top seam (real dumb), and other things like that. I wonder if other sewists make the same, silly mistakes.

Often my mistakes come from me trying to cut corners by not pinning, or rushing, or by trying to play tug of war with Oliver while I sew. I also melt things with my Iron... that is the worst.

Anyway, long story short, I made good use of my seam ripper, and everything turned out fantastically.

I am hoping to get some Christmas Sewing done next week for my mom and myself, and to get my Christmas tree up next weekend! I am so excited about this Christmas. This is Dan and my first Christmas living together. I can't wait to spend Christmas Eve sipping Egg Nog and watching Christmas Movies together. So In Love!

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  1. Ugh- I sewed a dress for the baby the other day, and though it turned out nicely, first I sewed a yoke on backwards, then I sewed the back seam wrong! Silly, silly stupid mistakes- luckily I am patient enough now to just rip the seams and keep plugging along! I'm sure many people make those mistakes, and I think what makes us able to stick with sewing is not getting too frustrated about it.
    Oh, and the holidays and cold weather are great when you've got people you love to stay in and snuggle with! :)


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