New Years Dress?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I hate New Years. I really do. I hate the pressure to do something special, I hate how expensive it is... It just fills me with anxiety. What do you wear? What should you do? Where should you go? I'd rather just stay home...

But, I made a dress that is suitable for new years. It's Butterick 6582, one of my favourite vintage re-print patterns.

I am so in love with this fabric. It was in the Clearance room at Fabricland, only $4 a meter. It is a nice weight linen an the most sumptuous colours that are not done justice here. I bought 3 meters of it and am trying to decide what to do with the rest!

I've sewn this dress three times; once with the full skirt, once as a blouse and now the fitted version. No matter how many times I sew an attached neck and arm hole facing, I end up cursing. I find it kind of funny, I mean, I went to school for this! These things should be a breeze... but I still find myself dreading arm hole facings and fly zippers.

Along the way I seem to have lost half of the pieces for this dress so I ended up redrafting some facing pieces... which is easy to do if this ever happens to anyone else, you basically trace the piece you are facing and deduct 1/8" to make it slightly smaller so that it pulls towards the inside.

I woke up sick today and am very sad about this... headache, upset stomach, runny nose. Oh Joy!


  1. Beautiful dress, I think you will look gorgeous on new years eve!

  2. Tour dress is terrific! I love it! Is the front bodice cut twice and inverted? How is the left shoulder attached to the dress? Is it like a wrap dress or is it fake? I don´t have that pattern but I have a one shoulder dress so I was thinking that if I cut the dress twice I could achive the same effect...
    You will look so elegant in that dress...xoxo fm Brazil - Carina

  3. The right shoulder is a seperate piece (looks like a triangle that is sewn to the diagonal neck line) but you could easily just cut the one shouldered pattern you have twice and layer them (whereas this one is sewn into the neck line seam). I love this look! :D One of my favourites!

  4. Thank You, Sarah! I will try to re-create your model. Again, your dress is gorgeous!
    Xoxo, Carina

  5. I got my gowns more than 3 weeks before expected delivery time. This particular gown is so lovely and what I got is exactly as shown on the picture online and material is high quality.


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