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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday I chipped away at my to-do list and got quite a bit accomplished. I made yummy "from scratch" baked beans with bacon and two loafs of white bread. I "borrowed" a cookbook from my mom that was produced by the Ministry of Agriculture, probably in the mid-1970's about money-wise foods. It has great recipes - the kind that Dan loves, homey, meaty, and traditional. I'm really enjoying pouring through it!

I made my post office run, gave Dan an early birthday present ('32 Hot Rod scale model), cut out new orders, and started on the stays pictured above.

I used a stiff, natural muslin for the base and lining and did an overlay in a poly cotton blend satin stripe fabric which has a slight "pucker" effect to it, that I think gives it a real antiqued look. For the bone casings, I cut 2" stripes of floral cotton on the bias and put them in a traditional 18th century layout. I am so in love with this little garment, reminds me of an antique quilt. When it is complete it will lace up the front and back and have straps that tie on. It is very lightly boned (for this style) and will have only a total of 14 plastic bones. I plan on making some panties with ruffles that mimic panniers.

I went for a few weeks without any really good, wonderful, mind altering ideas (besides my accessory panties, I still like those!), and now that it is a day before going back to work my mind is full, full to the brim with frilly ideas!


  1. Ooh, your corset is looking lovely! Can't wait to see some of your frilly ideas come to fruition, I'm forever stalking your Etsy store to see what's new ;o)

  2. Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun sewing it!!!

  3. your blog is so lovely! you have great taste in feminine soft fabrics. I really enjoy it all!

  4. I adore your corset! Wish I had lots of money, I'd buy out your etsy shop :)

  5. It's gorgeous.... well done!

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