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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I never get as much done during the day as I intend to... I thought at first that I must be spending too much time "in between tasks" (in other words, slacking). So, I started writing down everything I do during the day to make sure I am making the most of my time! It turns out I waste a lot less time than I thought!

I sewed this romper this morning, which was a quick, easy sew. It is basically a bodice block and pant block with the darts removed and extra fullness added. I lengthened the bodice block a bit for blousing and did some tapering around the bum. The two pieces are then sewn together with a french seam, then a piece of elastic is inserted into the casing, and voila, a super cute retro-styled romper. I added a contrast panel to the front with a little lace, as well as some vintage 1950's plastic buttons! I think this one is my favourite style romper.

While I'm hoping to sell these, this is a pretty simple style to Frankenstein out of patterns I'm sure pretty much any sewist has laying around!

A few days ago I placed an order from Lush, and it came in the mail today! I ordered my favourite Porridge soap, Buffy scrub, a chocolate and honey scented massage bar, some shampoo and a few other things. I cannot say enough how much I LOVE everything from lush, especially their solid shampoos and the body butters. All I want to do is shower and wash my hair all day long....


  1. I honestly think that every time you sew something new, you totally outdo yourself! One day I will treat myself to one of your gorgeous makes...but which much to choose from!

  2. This is just gorgeous!!! Wow :D Absolutely beautiful!! I would feel so pretty and feminine wearing something like this.


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