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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Between family "stuff" I've actually been getting quite a bit of sewing done. I mentioned earlier, a Betsey Johnson pattern I had finished - I got this in a box lot of patterns and fell in love. It is SO Little House on the Prairie Meets Star Trek. The banded cap sleeve makes me giggle, but actually looks very cute on. I want to make a longer version for spring. This is completely the type of dress I could live in in the summer. Ah summer...
This was a very quick sew - as I mentioned in an earlier post, I took extra time to do french seams, a rolled hem, and lined the sleeve bands in broiderie angialise.
I also started on some more "ready made" stuff for My Etsy Shop including this knit "jacquard" set, which reminds me of the coziest pair of long-johns I had as a kid - perfect log cabin wear.

I've had this romper on my dress form for a few weeks. I love the print on this satin, it has cute little pink birds and reminds me of the 1920's. I will make one of these for myself I think...
And last but not least, I sewed a bra before going to the visitation this afternoon. I like the gathered front. I sewed three little yellow buttons down the front and am contemplating a bow...
I am trying to kill some time between going to my Grandmother's second viewing tonight... I've had a headache all week! The Funeral is tomorrow... even though it was an open casket viewing, it still hasn't really "hit" me yet. My dad looks fantastic, which is good news, but I think he is getting cabin fever from not being able to go to work... or even go for a drive. While my cousin and I were preparing photos for the funeral, we found old wedding pictures of both of our parents. My mom and dad were such a good looking couple! I put one of their wedding photos up on my fridge to inspire...


  1. Hey Sarah, I hope your Grandmother's funeral goes as well as it can go thoughts will be with you. It's amazing to see how much sewing you've got done, despite what's going on in your life right now...I guess that's dedication for you!

  2. I just wanted to pop over and say "hi,"

    I just found your blog and I can't believe how cute that pattern came out, I never would have guessed it based on the pattern illustration.

    Your little bio on the side struck a chord with me and I love your aesthetic, I hope you keep blogging for a while:)

  3. Thanks Marie - things went as well as they could and it was nice to see my family together. Sewing is the one thing that stops me from going (completely) crazy lol

    Red - Hi! thanks for saying hello :) such a nice comment, and glad you liked my bio - do you have a similar story? Curious!

  4. You know, I think I do.

    I grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico and hightailed it out of there 6 years ago to go to fashion school in VA. I did an internship in New York, came back to graduate and... almost two years later I'm working in a computer repair shop, rarely sew and never design. I lost my dad halfway through school and just lost motivation after finishing it all. Now I have a home and a job and a boyfriend.. but I'm not sure if I should be here or in NY.. or if I even consider bigger cities and fashion because I'm "supposed" to.

  5. Very pretty work! The extra little details do mean a lot, especially in a garment that is meant to be used.

  6. I was just admiring your blog. You really have some nice creations. I love the usage of the lavender floral matreial. I just made a dress using the same material.


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