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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have had this idea in my brain for a while... I love big bows, and ruffles and silk fabric flowers, but you can't exactly throw something like that on under your jeans. I also love clothing that can be worn in different ways... So in attempt to combine those two ideas, I came up with these.

I made a pair of simple cotton panties with three clear, nylon snaps on the back, then made some "Accessories" to snap on and off; a bustle trimmed in silk, silk rosettes and pearl drops, and a gigantic taffeta bow.

I am totally excited with how these turned out. I love making the "accessories" and it really makes a plain-ish pair of panties extra fun.

Yesterday I made white bread for the first time. I made two loafs and am going to try to make our bread from now on. I also made some wool dryer balls to use instead of dryer sheets. Unfortunately I am out of dirty laundry and have not had a chance to use them! I scented my dryer balls by putting a bit of fabric softener on the beginning of the yarn as I was winding it into a ball. I used them once to dry some sheets and they still have a lot of scent in them. I am trying to make as much of my own consumables or at least make re-useables.

I made myself a circle skirt out of an old sheet I found at Goodwill yesterday; I am currently wearing it, freezing my butt off, but am stubornly refusing to wear winter clothes any longer! I am done with winter and snow and slush... I am so ready for spring!


  1. That's a pretty cute and clever idea. I think girls are going to go nuts over these! xo

  2. Oh how I love this idea!!! Makes you feel you're getting your monies worth as you can wear these day-to-day and for special occassions! Surely these would fly off the shelves if they were in shops?!?


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