At what point do you decide to take your business full time?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

On Saturday, I hardly sewed a thing... I replaced a zipper in a garment for my cousin and finished a few odds and ends, but mostly I spent my time at a birthday party, walking Oliver through a Side Walk Sale down town, at the movies with Dan, then sleeping 12 hours straight. I have been so exhausted and busy lately!

This morning we met with our officiant for the first time and decided on our vows. Our ceremony will only be about 20 minutes long, which is just perfect. Not too long, not too short.

After wards, we did some running around, and I finished some orders. I have been working on 2 sets for a customer, with two pairs of panties each. I really love the jersey and lace set, I think it is one of my favourites, and has been a pretty popular set. I love it with the matching thong.

I am so happy to have so many orders on the go. I haven't relisted a single thing since I ran my heartsy deal and business is still good.

I keep asking myself, "At what point do you consider your business successful enough to go at it full time?" I would love to hear your input.

Lastly, I finally made the switch to smartphones and will be BlackBerry accessible on Monday... Dan and I have a few road trips scheduled, so now I can be connected wherever I go. I am also itching to move... I love our apartment but Ohhh Lulu needs its own room, desperately.


  1. I think you take your business full time when finances are right. Can you afford it is pretty much the only question you need to ask. If the answer is yes, go for it.

  2. oh gosh the top set are beautiful....I hope you go for it....It's my dream to start a lingerie business and yours seems to be thriving...I wish you all the best! onwards and upwards and all that jazz!


  3. It is a burning issue to me now. I have started my shop recently, being in a parental vacation. I am juggling daily care about my child, housework and my etsy development. I am dreaming of putting all my efforts to what I am developing now. I wish I woke up and making lingerie from sunrise till sundown. The same as you I am thinking which road to take in the short run. I have been offered a well-paid job. I would earn many times more than I am earning on Etsy. But will I be happy being torn apart between what I have to do and what I love to do. My inner voice tells me I need to go on with what I am doing because I LOVE IT! And it is difficult to resist to a temptation of doing own, doesn’t matter which size it is, business. For the time being I invest much more than I get in return from my Etsy sales. Can it be called a business?! At this point maybe not. But since nobody asks me to report on expenses and profits I am lucky enough to combain pleasure I get from making lingerie, having sales and getting some money invested back. I think if not to make it a full time business, you and I would regret afterwards. It is not a question of money, it is a calling.


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