29 Days

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today is 29 days until the wedding. What do I have to do?

  1. Purchase the bunches of flowers for the table arrangements, which I am doing tonight.
  2. Alter 1 bridesmaids dress
  3. Hem 1 flower girls dress, and complete sewing the other
  4. Order the wine
  5. Confirm the guest count with the caterer
  6. Order the favors
  7. Complete the programs & birdseed bags based on final guest count
  8. Provide the DJ with a song list
  9. Purchase mason jars for the flower arrangements
I'm so looking forward to the big day, and I can't wait to see all of my friends and family all together again - I think that's one of the best parts of getting married.

I have no expectations of how this is supposed to go, but I do have some hopes for the big day. I hope it doesn't storm, I hope people stay out of the way of my ceremony, since it is happening in a public park! I hope I don't feel awkward having my picture taken (camera shy!), and I hope I don't trip over my dress.

What have I learned from my DIY wedding? People will tell you the the wedding is "your big day," which is a partial truth and really should come with a caveat. The wedding is all about the Bride & Groom, but only after thorough consultation from everyone involved in the wedding. It is a practice of compromise, consideration, and care, which I guess is a lot like a marriage. The most important key to a happy wedding, is diplomacy.

I've really enjoyed (most of) the process (NOT the Wedding Trade Shows!!!), and can't wait for the big day... and then the day after when we can relax and enjoy our lives as newly weds! Then... have some babies! I've been spending too much time with my best friend's adorable, little ginger-baby. Between that, and reading about Jennie's second pregnancy at Two Skinny, One Fat, and Little Lucy over at The Vintage Wife, I've got the baby-fever bad...

As a reward for my awesome wedding-planning skills, I treated myself to some perfumes from For Strange Women on Etsy a few weeks ago and I got them in the mail two nights ago. I'm positive I ordered from her years ago, but I think she was using a different name, because the scents are so familiar! I absolutely love the way they are packaged, and I feel like a dainty Victorian Lady every time I use them. My favorite is November, which coincidentally is also my favorite dreary month. I'm wearing Astral Projection today, which is a citrus-y scent. I find the scents smell even better when applied and settled into your skin for a few minutes. What surprised me the most, was how long lasting the scents are...

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