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Friday, August 19, 2011

I am down to 3 weekends before the wedding weekend! I wanted to add a few more décor items to add to my "vintage" theme, and I noticed The Knot had a whole gallery of vintage themed décor ideas.

I took two ideas - Paper Cut "Cards" Garland and the Vintage Train Case, and mashed them together. Instead of using paper, I glued a piece of cotton to a piece of card stock, printed large Bold Letters on another piece of card stock to use as stencils - traced my stencils (backwards!) on the card stock with the fabric glued to it, and cut out my letters with pinking shears. I draped the garland across the train-case and fixed with with small pieces of tape.

All of our RSVP's are supposed to be back by today - so this weekend we will catch up with the stragglers, and finish off all of our crafts based on the final headcount. I have designated Dan to be "Official Hole Puncher" for our craft-night, since the last time I used a hole punch I managed to somehow get my fingers under the cutter twice and punched pretty painful holes in my fingers. Crafting is a dangerous business, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

We have also made a few plans to our honeymoon. Because of Dan's brief stint of unemployment, and my voluntary cutting back of hours at work (though I did get a raise!), we decided to cancel honeymoon plans and just do a roadtrip based on whatever we can afford at the time. We will head up to the Bruce peninsula, ferry to Manitoulin Island, Camp at Killarny Provincial Park, tour through Sudbury and North Bay, Camp at Restoule, and wind our way back home again.

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  1. Love the card box!!
    When you're in Sudbury, you should try and eat at Respect is Burning (AMAZING Italian) and or Sapporo sushi- if they are still there :) Best food Italian and sushi I've had anywhere!


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