Oh My Darling

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dan and I are supposed to be going on our annual family camping trip tonight, though the weather keeps threatening rain. I love camping, but I hate camping when it rains...

I finished off the flower girls dresses this morning, now all I have to do is hem them. I also finished up this set, which I call "Oh My Darling..." I used a cute vintage-look poly-cotton blend for the body with a red and white cotton accent and some beige lace. The hot pants button-overall style, but are attached along the waist band elastic. They sit about 2" below the belly button, which is a nice height if you are short through the torso, but like the look of high-waisted knickers.

Dan is at work today until 1pm, and then we are heading downtown (which is literally our backyard) to check out the classic car show! It's one of Dan's dreams to build a vintage hot-rod... and make it a hybrid! I like this because it means it will be quiet...


  1. These are sooooo adorable, you keep making stuff I want to buy! Can't wait for Ohhh Lulu's re-launch in October ;o)

    I hope the weather perks up for your camping trip!

  2. Love the pattern of the fabric for these little undies. I'm liking the high waisted stuff you're getting into. So cute!


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