Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who else is obsessed with Rococo Ladies? The frills & Bows & Flourishes & Perfectly Powdered Hair...

I am currently procrastinating before heading out to work. I started a new Tumblr Blog a few months back and finally remembered the log-in for it this morning. Is anyone else on Tumblr?

I did the wedding day count down this morning, and we are down to 25 days. I can't wait until the honeymoon road-trip... we are goign to head as far north & back as we can get in 5 days... which in Ontario won't be very Far. I wanted to get to Sleeping Giant but it is nearly17 hours away. What a country! You can drive 17 hours and still be in the same province...

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  1. I'll have to admit I too am obsessed with the Rococo period. Mainly reading about women of influence in Great Britain and France. Besides all the amazing gowns and fashions of that era I find that their lifestyle, secrets, scandals and most importantly the French Revolution a great read. It's a whole other world!


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