Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along... Recap.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Well, fellow Sew Alongists, we are done! It's time to recap what we've done with our corsets.

  1. We learned how to print a pdf pattern and add seam allowance.  I traced my pattern and added a facing for the lacing, while Anna added her seam allowance directly to the printed pattern.
  2. Anna demonstrated how to grade your pattern up or down a size.
  3. We sewed our muslin and made alterations.
  4. Anna showed us how to do a lace overlay.
  5. We sewed our Corset with Flat Felled, or stitched down French Seams.
  6. For those of us making a laced-up corset, I showed how to prepare our center back facings.
  7. I also added contrasting bone casings, for a little extra detail.
  8. Anna did a great post on How to Add your Boning.
  9. Then she showed us how to add our hook and eye tape, for those of you using this type of closure.
  10. I demonstrated how to add eyelets to our reinforced back panel.
  11. The top and bottom of the corset were then bound with bias binding.
  12. I made satin covered garter straps, while Anna used vintage clips!
  13. Anna added some adorable handmade rosettes to her corset, while I added some large white bows.  I love bows.

I absolutely love how Anna's corset turned it.  It looks so vintage! And her ribbon rosettes are adorable.  I may still go back to mine, and add a few along the top one of these days!

Image Courtesy of A Few Threads Loose

Image Courtesy of A Few Threads Loose
 Do you have pictures to share? I'd love to see what you came up with!  Did you like watching the different techniques that Anna and I used along the way?  One of the things I love about sewing are the multitude of ways you can sew a garment.   Are you happy with the end result of your corset? Is there anything you would change? For me, I wish I had interfaced my Self Pieces, and I am very glad I flat lined my corset.

So, Are you excited to start the next part on the Sew along?

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