Recent Fabric Scores.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are there many fabric stores where you live? There's only one in the town where I live, but it is a pretty awesome store.  Every time I go to pick up some thread, or buttons, I wind up walking out with an arm full of fabric.  These are some of my recent scores.

When you buy fabric, do you always buy with a garment in mind, or do you buy just "because." I'm a just because fabric shopper... which is not a good thing.  I have so much fabric, I could open my own fabric store.  I worked, for years, in a fabric store, and I'm still working my way through the stash I acquired then!

Tomorrow, Anna and I will be posting our first post in the second part of our Pin Up Sew Along.  I started my bra today and boy, is it turning out amazing! I made some tweaks to the pattern that I'll be posting about tomorrow.  Who will be sewing along with us? Have you already made the corset we finished two weeks ago?

If I can get organized enough over the next few weeks, I am hoping to add a 3rd piece to our sew along.  I am trying my hardest to digitize a high-waisted panty pattern so we can complete our set!


  1. I often buy fabrics just because I see and love them there and then.... You never know, right? Next time it might be gone. Most of the time I go to get fabric for a project and come home with some additional purchases. Don't tell the husband ;-)

  2. I have major fabric envy right now! They are all so pretty, I can just picture all the beautiful things you're going to create :) I don't live close to any fabric stores, I always have to travel to get my fix. Mind you, it's probably for the best as it's easier to resist temptation :)


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