Ohh La La Pin Up Sew Along... Applying Your Eyelets

Friday, March 2, 2012

Now that we have sewn our seams, added decorative bone casings, inserted the bones, and finished our centre back panel with self facing and fusing, we are able to apply our eyelets and lace up our corset for the very first time!

If you are using hook and eye tape, head on over to A Few Threads Loose for instructions on how to apply it.

Start by either transferring the lacing markings on the pattern onto your centre back seam OR make small markings, starting 3/4" of an inch down from the top edge, every 1" apart.  Eyelets should sit about 5/8" away from the centre back edge.

Using your markings as a guide, punch small holes where your eyelets will go.  You can use an awl, or grommet pliers to make your hole.

Eyelets can be applied a number of ways - there are two common tools pictured above.
1. Grommet Pliers - these can be found at most hardware store, and will set 2 piece grommets.  Grommets come in many different sizes, so make sure the pliers you buy fit the eyelets you want to set.
2. Tool & Die - These often come with eyelet packages you purchase at the fabric store, and are set with a hammer.

I used grommet pliers to apply my grommets, and used a 2 piece grommet.  Two piece grommets are preferable for a corset that is going to be worn for an extended period of time, or if you plan on wearing it a lot.  Eyelets without washers tend to have rough edges and will work their way through your fabric, if you are applying much strain to the fabric around it.

Remember to insert a bone on either side of your eyelets to keep your lacing laying flat. This is the only spot in your corset where I really, really advise that you use boning.  The rest is up to you!

Now, lace it up and see how it fits! Do you feel like you need to add more boning? Does everything lay flat?

Next we are onto our binding.


  1. Where did you get that tool? I don't do much with eyelets, but my tool does not seem to work very well. After I'm done they want to pop off and I end up grabbing pliers.

  2. I got mine at a hardware store here in Canada (Canadian Tire) - it works great, and I've found 2 piece grommets that fit perfectly in it. It even punches a hole perfectly. I think it was under $20 too! Hope Depot or Lowes might have something similar.

  3. I think I've read al the instructions a few times, and I'm confused about the grommets and the boning length. What size grommets did you use and what length boning did you use? Thank you!

    1. The boning is cut to size - you need ton consider the width of the bias trim you are using to bind your edges, and deduct about 1/4". On mine, my bias trim was about 1/2" - so my bones were a total of 1 1/4" shorter than the entire length of the casing. Make sense?

      You can use any apparel-size grommet or eyelet. Mine had a 1/4" diameter opening.


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