Ginger Sew Along: Planning

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swimsuit fabric can be expensive and hard to find, but there are lots of sources online that have a good selection for a decent price.

I often scour Ebay for fabric-finds.  A simple search for "Swimsuit fabric" will bring up a few pages of goodies. has a good selection of Swimwear fabrics, as well as polyester ITY knits, that when lined, will work well for this swimsuit. Etsy as well is a great source for supplies. Sew Sassy has really reasonably priced lining, and solids.

Swimwear fabrics often make me cringe.  Neon, gigantic hibiscus florals, cheesy designs... I find that using prints sparingly tends to make a more... sophisticated suit.

Sew in swimsuit cups can be found at most fabric stores and most online retailers.  They usually come in a range of sizes, A-B, B-C, etc.  They come lightly padded or push up, so decide which you prefer.  We will be stitching these directly to our lining. Sew Sassy is a great resource for these kinds of findings. The added cups are 100% optional and do not need to be added.

Swimwear elastic is often quite rubbery - or the clear type.  I hate that clear elastic, it's sticky and makes me mad.  I am using a chlorine-friendly elastic that looks just like any elastic you would buy at the fabric store.  It is up to you what kind of elastic you use.  You will need a resilient elastic, no wider than 3/8" for your leg and neck openings, and a 1/2" elastic (optional) for under the bust.  I am using bra strapping for this.

Clear elastic can be used to stabilize your seams, depending on how structured your fabric is.  I am not going to be doing this.

I've kept construction of this suit as easy as possible. I'm a sewist who loves to sew, I'm not a sewist who obsesses over the "rules" (I am a "whatever works" seamstress).  My goal is always to enjoy what I do, and end up with a garment that I feel great wearing!

This pattern was designed as a lingerie piece, but looks pretty darn cute as a swimsuit if I say so myself.  I am by no means a swimsuit expert so I really look forward to learning some trick and tips from all of you along the way!


  1. Thanks for saying the cups aren't necessary. I used them in one swimsuit, and I didn't think they added anything. Especially with the seaming here, I think that'll give enough support.
    I'm wondering about you size your cups for the average B cup like most patterns? I usually do a FBA on patterns, even swimsuits, so I'm just wondering ahead of time.

    1. I would say that the bust runs a little larger than average, maybe more like a C.

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to making this; just need to look through my stash and see what I've got for fabric!


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