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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I totally forgot to mention what Dan got me for my birthday! We took a trip to the Humane Society and I got to pick out a cat! I chose this cute 2 year old lady.  She is getting spayed on Thursday, and we will bring her home on Friday or Saturday.  She had been at the shelter for a few months, so I am glad to be able to give her a home.  I nearly cried when I walked into the Humane Society and saw all of the cats and dogs.  I love animals so much, it breaks my heart to see them there.  If it weren't for Dan and his sensible nature, I'd probably have left with a few more dogs and cats.


  1. Rescue pets are the best. Every sewing woman should have a cat around to "help".

  2. Congrats! What a great birthday gift! We just rescued a second pug, and I really wanted to leave with every animal at the shelter!

    1. There were 3 or 4 pug mixes at the shelter we went to. I wanted one soooooo bad but my husband thinks one dog is enough (I beg to differ) :)

  3. Aww such a cutie pie! Looks identical to mine!

  4. awww kitty! I'm the same way... if I could take them all, I would; including the large, strange and exotic lol - dunno if tigers & penguins would get along though ^_^

  5. What a cutie :) I just love cats. If I lived in a house I would probably be the crazy cat lady.

  6. Looks similar to my Goliath (who's really a she, but the hubby was set on the name). We got her a year ago from the SPCA during their "freedom week" (no adoption fees during the 4th of July week here in the US). It was so hard to just pick one when there are so many who need good homes. Congrats!


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