Little Lydia

Friday, July 13, 2012

We took Lydia in to see our vet last night.  When you adopt a pet from the OSPCA, you get a complimentary vet visit, which was nice because Lydia has some issues.  First, like most animals that come from a shelter, she had a bit of a cold.  Second, She has a heart condition. Third, she has a cloudy eye that the vet at the shelter could not get a good look at, but did take note of.

The heart condition is a level 6 heart murmer.  I've learned that heart murmers run on a scale from 1, being least severe, to 6 being most severe.  Lydia's heart murmer is a 6.  She is so tiny and her heart beats so hard you can actually see the heart murmer when she is laying down.  She is a pretty lazy kitty, but it doesn't cause her any discomfort.  The vet was pretty clear that it really is a serious issue for her.

Poor kitty also has an infection in her incision from the spay.  As a precaution, because of her heart condition and everything else going on with her, we have her on some antibiotics.  She is such a nice, docile kitty and takes her pill so easily.  

It's sad to know that this sweet little animal that I am already so attached to might not be with us for long, but I suppose I feel repose knowing that at least she will live out her life in comfort. She sits on the chair next to me when I sew and has is starting to come for pats and snuggles with us on the couch at night.

I've never had a pet with any sort of serious health problem, so I'm not really sure what to expect.  


  1. Oh, gosh, I'll be thinking of you guys. I'm sad that this poor kitty has had such a hard life.

  2. Oh poor sweet Lydia. How lucky she is to be living with you two now. I am sure you will give her such a loving, safe and happy life. Sam xox

  3. All you can do is love her- and you know, that is really ALL she wants/needs. Someone who will love her and care for her. And you are doing that :)
    Poor little thing though- if she could just feel all the virtual loving too!

  4. Poor little kitty! It's so wonderful that you adopted her, despite her health issues. A happy loving home is the best thing for her!

  5. Poor sweet little cat! Just love her every single day that she's in your life. Take pictures--lots and lots and lots of pictures--for when she inevitably is not. I applaud you for being open minded and loving as many people would not want to adopt a pet that has on-going health issues.

  6. How sad, but wonderful that she has a loving home now. It's always hard to lose a pet but they enrich our lives so much that the pleasure outweighs the pain.

  7. You could become blog-friends with the people over at Root Simple, they have a kitty with a heart condition, too. Maybe you can learn from each other?

    Give the her all the love you can while she's around, she'll understand!


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