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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black Satin 'Raven' Bra & Panties Set

Does anyone else out there wear a ton of black? I know I do.  My day to day outfits usually consist of black leggings, black tank tops and some sort of drapey cardigan, paired with black boots of course (I'm a recovering goth, seriously).  So, I though it's about time I brought out some black basic pieces to mix and match with my collection, which is much darker in colour going into fall / winter.

Black Satin & Lack Panties

The bra and panties are shown here with a ribbon rosette - but it's completely customizable, I can do a black bow, a coloured bow, or no embellishment at all.

Black Satin 'Raven' Bra
 I'm excited to finish this week up at work... I'm really starting to count down the days.  While my day job is not really stressful by nature, the work environment can be very stressful, and I'm really looking forward to being out of there.  I still wake up, early in the morning, and think "Oh god, I hope this isn't a mistake." But for the most part, I'm staying very confident and can't wait to make the switch!



  1. I wear a LOT of black - I too am a recovering goth lol. These are so beautiful; one day I'm gonna place a massive order with you & you'll be glad you quit your day job lol ^_^

  2. so pretty... I am a recovering blackaholic, trying to wear colour, but it is little stepsat a time.


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