Saturday, October 13, 2012

I made these Velvet High Waist undies, and sent the sample off for a photo shoot.  I had originally planned on using white lace appliques, but I think the black is a little more elegant.  One of the things on my "to do" list, is to work with more photographers and stylists to get editorial shots of my lingerie.  I've been lucky to have been contacted by a couple amazing photographers and stylists lately, and I can't wait to have the time to work with them!  I would really love to be able to work one on one with a local photographer and stylist (Toronto?) sometime soon!

Today, Dan and I are making the trek to Ikea. I am in need of some more adequate sewing supply organization.  You might remember I had previously gotten cheap rolling bins to store my fabric supply, elastics, laces, threads, etc... Well those are overflowing.  And I kind of knew when I got them that it would be a temporary situation.  Because my "studio" is in my open-concept living room/dining room, and I like to keep a relatively clutter-free living area, I've decided white bookshelves, with white bins will be the most unobtrusive way to store my fabric, thread and notions.  Plus, I can use the higher shelves to display my various antique treasures and books.  We recently bought a brand new coffee table and end tables for our living room, and now our living room looks awesome, but my studio area now looks even worse in comparison!  I've realized that when you really are running a business, you collect a lot of things... receipts, invoices, orders, tracking numbers, inventory, samples, business cards, patters...  I don't know about you guys, but I have a very hard time working in unorganized spaces.  So... I can't wait to have them and put them together and get my stuff arranged.


We are also taking our car in for an oil change today... which makes me laugh because my husband is a mechanic and quite capable of doing oil changes.  I guess it's like how I never have hemmed pants...

And then, I need to swing by the fabric store to stock up on a few things... So it's going to be a busy day!

Of course, I also have a kajillion other things I need to do... like finish up a very exciting custom order I've been looking forward to, get a few more orders done, and I'd like to work on some fancy paper gift certificates...  I love doing paper crafts.


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