Sunday, February 24, 2013

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday.  Last night, I surprised him with an indoor picnic, complete with ambient outdoor sounds!  We had hot dogs, strawberry shortcake & champagne (I had too much I and have been snoozing all day). 

It was a lot of fun, made me wish for summer.  But also let me make up for the fact that I spent this past summer working, and didn't make much time for things that are really important... spending time doing the things we love together, like camping, hiking, just snuggling on the couch. 

Indoor Birthday Picnic

Dan and I have been together for Four Years now, a year and a half of those married, and the first year of that, long distance.  I met Dan for the first time over 10 years ago.  I was a nerdy 16 year old.  Dan was a super hunky older guy.  

Some things never change... Dan is still a total hunk and I am still a total dweeb.  I sometimes catch myself rattling on about some nerdy topic, and he just hangs on my every word.  It truly amazes me, still to this day.

a much younger Dan in his infinite Coolness
It's kind of neat, marrying that guy that you had a total crush on in high school.  It's even neater, learning as an adult that that guy who seemed so infinitely cool, is really just as big of a dork as you are.   Never would I have pictured Dan's ideal night being spent on the couch, gaming-headset on, deep in battle with a notorious monster in Final Fantasy XI, defending Vana'diel.  Oh, I hope I made all the right references!

Me in a myriad of photo-props
I sometimes flip through old photos of us when we were younger, and even just a few years ago when we first started dating.  It's funny how your life can end up, and how people and even the most minor of events can change the progression of your life.   It's just impossible to predict.

Scrawny 19 year old me (Legal drinking age in Canada is 19!) with Hunky Dan. Who woulda thought we'd end up married.
I am really glad that Dan and I ran into each other again four years ago. I'm glad we were both at rough points in our lives.  I'm glad for our history, it's made us both strong people.  I'm really glad we both stuck it through the rough points.

I had thought of Dan quite a bit throughout the years.  It was surprising to learn that he had thought about me too. It was funny, the night we "re-met." I remember asking him if he remembered me, and he just smiled and said "of course." 

I think this photo reflects Dan's true character best


  1. This is the sweetest post ever. :) I had so much fun reading it. And I totally thought I was the only one who did indoor picnics!! I now have validation that it is perfectly normal. ^_^

  2. Oh, this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! What a lovely story :)

  3. Happy birthday to him!

    It was a bit eerie reading your story. :) My husband and I met as scrawny 15 year olds. I had a crush on him and he had no idea, but at 16 I stumbled over his profile in an online community and we started talking, eventually leading to four months of awkward 16 year old first-relationship dating, but we broke up for reasons really unrelated to the relationship. We picked back up at 19, heads over heels in love, while living in different countries. After a bit more than a year, I moved closer to him, though, we got a house together, bought a dog, and on our three year anniversary we got married! Since you and I both run creative (I don't sew professionally, I'm a writer) home businesses, I'm going to get a little freaked out if you tell me he's a musician or in finance (my husband is a professional musician, finishing up a degree in economics and finance). :p

    1. haha! He's an artist, who works as a mechanic. Does portraits on the weekend, fixes cars throughout the week :)

  4. This is so sweet and reminds me a lot of me and my fiance; we met at 18 and are finally getting married soon! Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a gorgeous story! Happy birthday, Dan! I'm married to my teenage crush, too, and I feel so lucky every day to be with him. :)


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