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Friday, February 22, 2013

I just finished this set up... it is a little different, but in some ways similar, to what I've done before.

I guess the part that is the most different is this collar harness.  It's a very simple style, but features something a little different from your average cage bra/harness that seems so popular right now: it's got a thick satin collar with a large black satin bow! I actually am absolutely in love with how it turned out.  I think the bow really adds some femininity to the piece.

The harness is worn over a short black, bias cut slip that has coordinating bows on the shoulders.

My original drawing for the set

The whole set is for a customer who was putting together a black cat themed outfit.  She provided me with half a dozen images of what she was looking for and I made an amalgamation of the items.  We changed the garters to something more simple from my original illustration, but the rest turned out pretty spot on!

It's got mini bloomers (yes! I used that '70's PJ Pattern!),  and a set of ruffled lace & satin garters to go with it.  The slip is just long enough to let the bloomers peek out below.

This was a really fun set to sew. The harness was my favourite part.  Having never sewn one before, it was fun to figure out.  I made the collar close with a bra-closure so it is adjustable.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out!    


  1. That is a sexy set. I actually blushed a little looking at your photos.

  2. Ah, I love it! You nailed it; it looks great! (:

  3. Wow. That's really pretty and sexy at the same time.

  4. Love your work! Just curious, what thread do you use? Everyone says Gutermann is the best. I'm currently using Coats and Clarks

    1. I had been u sing Coats and Clark too, but I found that there were small plastic protrusions around the edge of the spools, I am assuming where the plastic was injected when the spools were molded. The thread was constantly catching on the little plastic nubs and snapping, so I switched to Gutermann a few months ago and prefer it.


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