Go away winter!

Friday, February 15, 2013

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was actually really nice...

I normally am not much into Valentine's Day.  I like flowers and all, but it seems so overdone.

Dan ended up having the day off, so we did some running around in the morning, and other un-romantic things like renewing drivers licences, etc.  When we got home he presented me with a list of things he would do for me, including cook me dinner, be my personal assistant for the day, give me a backrub, take me to an antique store... all the things I always want him to do but feel a little guilty asking.  So I put him to work! He cut out my Thank You tags, stamped my wash instruction tags, helped me preparing shipping labels, cooked me spaghetti, and gave me a desperately needed back rub (any other sewists get aching backs?).  It was the perfect Valentines Day.  I just love little gestures like that.  I have a good husband.

This morning I have been working on listing more new items, including this ruffle set:

Clio Ruffle Set

Clio Ruffle Set

Something you might not know about me...  Before studying fashion design, I spent some time in University studying Classical History.  Yep, classics - the only thing more impractical than fashion! I joke, I am grateful to have an understanding of Latin, and classical art and mythology are very inspiring to me... So, you'll see the names of nymphs, goddesses, muses, and other classical deities popping up in my new collection.  It was an excuse to do a little research and reading :)  Indulge me, are there any other Classics Geeks out there?

Stilbe Cotton Bra and Panties Set

Stilbe Cotton Bra & Panties Set


  1. Love the classics- I always enjoyed the Greco-Roman myths as a child, and enjoy teaching them to my kids as an adult (I homeschool them ;))
    And yes, I get a sore back. I saw a post the other day that suggested it was the height of the chair to your machine that dictated it though...

  2. What a great fun fact about you. It didn't surprise me though - in a sense, your designs/fabrics are classical and traditional.

  3. Super!! your little ruffle set.
    And I also say: Go away winter...

  4. I feel spring is coming, love your work, beautiful pictures.

  5. I also always get a sore back and love the classics.

    I'm not a fan of those pictures though -- her hair covers the bras! I would NEVER know that they were ruffled if you didn't have your non-modeled photos next to them. Other than that, I do love the new photos!

  6. Just one more thing we have in common, I was a history major long before I got my French degrees! A girl can draw a lot of inspiration from the classics. Especially if you like to imagine what everyone was wearing as the characters you studied gallivanted about in your mind during class.
    And the new collection. *Dies* If I wasn't saving up for things like closing fees and house buying at our next assignment (how pedestrian, I know), I would be ALL OVER those gorgeous bras!

  7. I am a Classics dweeb too! I studied it and have visited Greece and Italy (although sadly not Turkey) on a Classics trip with my classmates and we saw all the sites. I also think there are few things funnier than Aristophanes. If you are into Classics and art history my blogger friend Zoe often discusses the topics on her awesome fashion blog here: http://vagabondlanguage.blogspot.co.nz/


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