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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love Pajama's... I have a nightly routine (well, nearly nightly) of having a relaxing bubble bath then slipping into some PJ's and snoozing on the couch while watching some cheesy UFO documentary... Snoozing on the couch in my PJ's is one of the best things in the world...

I bought this pattern on Ebay a month ago.  It reminded me of the Pajamas I used to wear as a kid, so light and comfy...

Yesterday was largely devoted to cutting out orders, so I snuck this in for myself.  It was so quick to sew! I'm totally addicted, I need to make more, and the bottoms are so, so, so comfy.  The fabric I used was this navy jersey I found in the clearance section of my local fabric store for $3 a meter.  It is light and silky soft.  I'm wearing my pajamas right now and I'm dreading getting out of them.

I don't know what it is, I just love 1970's styles.  They are so loose and flowing and flattering. The top turned out so cute, I'd almost wear it with a pair of jeans.

Because the pattern had a squared off neckline I had to face it with something to keep those sharp corners, so I lined the yoke in sheer white mesh so that you still get the lace effect, and the sharp corners.  I guess I could have bound it with bias, but that sounds like a lot of work...  I left the little flutter ruffles un-finished along the edge.  These are definitely the cutest pajamas I own...


  1. Oh! So cute! I'm pretty obsessed with pajamas and can't stop buying new, cute little sets. This one is so beautiful I might have to keep an eye out for that pattern :)

  2. I have this pattern, too! I was just looking at it and thinking about making it. Your jammies turned out so great!

  3. Oh to funny, I featured pj's made with this exact same pattern on my blog last summer. Love how yours turned out. Here is a link to mine if you want to see-

  4. Wow those PJs look more elegant than most of my outer garments^^ They're so beautiful!


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