Five New Patterns!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My eyes are about ready to fall out of my head, I have been working on these for days.  But! I am very proud of how these patterns have turned out.  I have learned a lot since the days of "The Betty" Pattern!  I am happy to introduce to you 5 lovely new sew at home patterns!

The first pattern is the Bambi Soft Bra.  I designed this bra to be sewn in woven fabrics, so you can use pretty cotton prints.  It can also be sewn in knits, but you will likely want to size down.  While I recommend this pattern for B-C cups, when you sew your test garment, you will find that you can easily adjust the size by altering the curves of the cup.
Bambi Soft Bra
The Grace Panties are low cut, boy leg style panties which are to be sewn in a combination of woven and stretch / knit fabrics.  

The Grace Panties

The Sophia Pattern is my most 'advanced' pattern.  I am looking forward to seeing your interpretations of this pattern. It fits like a bikini cut panty, but with contrast ruching over the hips.

Sophia Panties

The Lola Panties are a great every-day panties.  They have a center back seam, and fit like a Brazilian   These are to be sewn in stretch knits only. I several of these in ribbed knit, jersey, and the ones below in jersey and lace.

Lola Panties

Lastly, I have also included a simple, princess seam bralette - the Jasmine Bralette.  You can line this, or leave it unlined and just overlock your seams.  This is a really versatile pattern.

Jasmine Bralette
The super-duper cool thing about these patterns is that they are all available for instant download via Etsy & Craftsy... so if you are impatient like me, there is no waiting.

So... To kick things off I'm going to hold a give away a week for the next 5 weeks.  I'll post the first giveaway on Monday.  Stay tuned!


  1. Oh Sarah, these patterns are beauuuuutiful! The knickers are going on my "to sew" list for sure. I hope you're feeling suitably proud of yourself, young lady! xx

  2. What a fabulous achievement - I'm SERIOUSLY tempted by the Grace knickers! Congratulations. x

  3. yes! i was hoping for those bra patterns ;)

  4. These are beautiful! I must have them all :) I've been waiting for the release!!! Woo hooo!!!

  5. Oooooh yay, these are all so gorgeous! Well done, girl!

  6. These are all great, but I have to say the Bambi soft bra and the Grace panties are my two favs. Keep up the good work! These are going on my to sew list for sure :)

  7. All so very very beautiful! I am do tempted to test my sewing skills and try to make these.Yes, all of these tempt me, as I sit here in my ugly maternity bra.

  8. Such gorgeous patterns, I'm definitely going to try Bambi!

  9. Gorgeous! I particularly love Grace and Sophia, they are on my wishlist for sure ;o)

  10. Wow, I adore ALL these patterns, so well done! Can't wait to try these! The bra pattern is gorgeous and I think I would make it in something really girly and floral for spring with contrasting trim.

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  12. These are all sooooo sweet!! Congratulations on stretching your business further!!

  13. Just gorgeous, but the patterns are showing as sold out on Etsy - since they are pdf will you be renewing soon?

    1. I have moved them into my new pattern shop - you can find them + others here:

  14. Hi your patterns are gorgeous, I am currently disassembling my old favorite undies to make a pattern to make my own but I am eyeing up your bra pattern. I started making my undies because I cannot afford the quality I want (I am extremely fussy about lace) and cheap underwear is just ugly!! *shudder* but as beautiful as your patterns are, the idea of having minimal structure or extra shape to the bra puts me off, how easy would it be to add some more thickness to the pattern to add shape definition?


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