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Friday, April 5, 2013

When you are selling something online, your customer can't pick up and touch the garment.  You need to be able to accurately describe the garments in a way that is inciting.

When I first started selling on Etsy, I browsed around to see what other sellers were saying about their products, and I made a bullet list of things that seemed important to include:
  • What kind of fabric is it made of? What is the print and colour?
  • What trims are used?
  • What kind of fit does it have? High waist, low cut, boy leg, etc...?
  • What ways can it be worn? Sleepwear, lingerie, in the pool...?
  • What kind of special features does it have? Organic lining, hand stitching?
  • How is the product mailed and how long will it take? Is it ready made or made to order?
  • What size is it, or what sizes can it be made in?
Once you have the basics that you need to cover, put it into your own words. This should be obvious, but do not copy and paste another sellers writing to use for your own.  I hear about this happening and have actually had this happen to me recently. It is really hurtful to have your hard work appropriated like that.  Even if you feel your writing isn't your strong point, the more you do it in your own words, the better you will become.

Something I am really horrible at is proofreading, but it's really very important.  Last month, I had Abbey go through my listings and proof read a bunch of my descriptions.  I was mortified to find that I had sentences with such horrible typo's in them that they hardly made any sense!  If you are a terrible proof reader like me, enlist a friend, boyfriend, husband, wife, grandma, brother, sister, neighbour, just someone, to read over your listings.

I've been pretty happy with my product descriptions, but I always want to make them better.  Lately, I've been trying to add suggestions about how the garments can be worn - like a really cute bra could be worn under a sheer chiffon top as a statement piece, or paired with shorts on the beach for sunbathing... There is always room for improvement.

Creating a product description template will make your life simpler and easier. A template style description will create consistency through all of your listings and ensure that you don't forget to add important information, like sizing, shipping methods, and processing times.  This way, each time you create a new listing, all you have to do is edit your product description section.  I have created a basic template for my listings that has a the Description first, the Sizing information, Processing time, Shipping time, and then a note about custom orders and combined shipping.  Although most of this information is already in your shop policies, I know as a buyer, I'm not always likely to click on the shop policies page.  I like to have all of the information in front of me.

Describing your items can be challenging.  I mean, really, once you've described a pair of panties the 100th time, it starts to feel pretty redundant.  Challenge your self and try to think of new ways to phrase things, and have a friend proof read to make sure your hard work is displayed sans typos!

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  1. This is a great post! I eventually want to sell Madalynne products, whether it be garments, patterns, or books. I have thought about a lot of details about how I'm going to do this but writing my products description is something I haven't spent two seconds on. Thank you for this!


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