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Friday, April 12, 2013

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, is give my dog a little snuggle, then turn on my phone, check my email and my twitter feed to see what's happening in the world.  Today, Friday, April 12, 2013, is a snow day across most of the area.  Yep, a snow day in April.  Well, I never....! We received a sprinkling of snow, just enough to cover all the freshly exposed grass, but we also received a healthy dose of freezing rain and everything is just covered in ice.  Unfortunately, I only work upstairs  so I can't very well justify a snow day myself...  I can, however, cry and whine about how upset I am about this weather.  I am so ready for summer and so very sick of the snow...

Anyway, in less whiny news, last weekend I worked very hard on some new patterns. I have greatly improved my own digitizing skills and I am so very excited to release these sometime next week (I hope).  Through releasing my first two patterns I learned ALOT. So, now I have a few things in the works...  The bra which you can see below, a pair of hipster style panties that can be made out of woven fabrics, a pair of brazilian/bikini combination panties to be made in jersey... and a few other things... I have had a lot of requests for the long-line style bra I have been doing.  I may release that in a single size that you can then grade yourself.  The tricky thing about releasing bra patterns is that there are so many size grades... It ends up being a ton of work.

I also have just re-ordered some more of this blue flannel floral.  I have received so many emails about this set, so I am bringing it back for a limited time.  I just listed 6 on Etsy, so get your orders in!
Pre-Order Now!!!


  1. Can't wait! I would love to try my hand at the longline bra!

  2. Wow, how fun! I can't wait!

  3. I love the shaping of that bra. It mirrors my favourite one at home. Its so difficult to find one with that shaping! Can't wait for that release! x

  4. So exciting! I've been hoping you would release more panty patterns!

  5. Ooo! Have you done anything new to the design of your longlines? I had the one amethyst smoke satin one special made, but I'm wondering if this design is any different?


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