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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I have to admit, I'm procrastinating a little bit. It's one of those mornings (weeks... months...) where I have so much to do, I don't know where to start, so I'm taking a moment to blog!

I had my first big magazine feature. My Cabin Fever knickers were featured in the August issue of Elle Canada, which was super amazing! It's just a small little blurb, but it's still very exciting. It's been a dream of mine to see my brand in a fashion magazine. A big thank you to Elle Canada for reaching out to Canadian Brands.

While Dan was off work the other week, he finished painting the baby's room and assembled all of our new furniture.  Yesterday I went to my cousin's place to go through some of her old baby stuff.  I came home with a car-load of clothes, rockers, toys, etc., etc..  I'm trying not to accumulate too much stuff. I have no idea what we will need. I've been trying to ask parents what they couldn't live without when they had small children, and have been trying to get some of those things... I feel pretty clueless, when it comes to what I need. I actually had to ask what receiving blankets are for... I figure it's ok to be a clueless mom-to-be, as long as I'm not afraid to ask!

I still have lots of baby-crafting to do. I've made about a dozen cloth diapers, but need to get more flannel. I also need to make curtains and a few other odds and ends. It's nice being able to slowly work at putting together the baby's room... I'm getting excited to finally see the baby in it!

We got our first "harvest" this year from our vegetable garden - about a cup of beans.  I've tried growing tomatos and cucumbers in my garden previously, but never had much success with them. This year we put in a raised, square foot garden and it is doing incredible! We will have cucumbers and tomatos soon... and potatos, carrots, letuce, peas, more beans, onions... All from a 4'x4' garden! Oliver is stunned at how fast it's grown - look at that face!

We had a pretty busy, but very fun weekend.  On Saturday, we went out bowling with friends. I am a terrible bowler... Dan, on the otherhand, is actually pretty good. I did manage to get two strikes!  Then, on Sunday my best friend, Abbey and her boyfriend came up to visit for the day. We bbq'd, went out for coffee, and walked along the waterfront.  It was nice to have a weekend with very little work... Though feel pretty exhausted now!


  1. I love that light fixture in the nursery. And congrats on the Elle feature!

  2. Congrats on Elle! About baby stuff...the plastic stuff (toys!) eventually drove me bonkers. It comes in and multiplies. Your new born won't need much in the way of toys so my advice is to take as little of that stuff in as possible. They also grow really fast in the beginning and I found myself disappointed that very few of the newborn sized clothes were ever even worn. So less is more in that regard as well. When my babies were born I also used cloth. I had a couple doEn smaller diapers. It was a lot of washing in the beginning but I didn't want too many of the little ones...that whole growing quickly thing. Once they got a bit bigger I did make about 3 dozen larger diapers and at night used the newborn ones as diaper doublers

    1. But I still washed frequently as I didn't want the dirties to get smelly. But eventually I found that drying diapers on the line kept my babies tushes healthier. Then the 3 dozen became useful as I had the time on the line covered! I also got cheap wash clothes from target and used those w water instead of wipes. I was already washing diapers...the wash cloths were no extra trouble.

  3. Receiving blankets are amazingly useful with little ones around, esp. for swaddling the wee babies. And if you have questions at odd times you can hit me up on gchat. Ladykatza, as with most things.

  4. Since you sew, I will suggest you make some slings! Start with a fleece pouch and a jersey knit wrap. I actually use sheets to make my wraps. Cut about 22" wide, and half the suggested length (plus 14"). Overlap the ends by the 14" andndo three rows of a stretch stich on each end to secure. This doubled center panel makes it easy to find the middle and gives more support. Then move on to ring slings, using rings from Then try a mei tai (I love the Frankenkozy style). Baby wearing is awesome!!!


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