Tuesday, July 1, 2014

 Last year I planted three peony bushes.  My mom separated parts of hers to give me - one of them came from my great grandmother! I haven't gotten any blooms off mine yet, so I went out and bought myself a small bouquet last week... they are so pretty, one of my favourite flowers.

I am just about to head out camping for the rest of the week. I am hoping for good weather, though we might get a lot of rain! Oh well, it would be an excuse to put my feet up and read a good book...

Basic Black Organic Cotton Bralette
 This Basic Black Bralette is what's getting me through my pregnancy.  It's so light and soft, yet pretty at the same time.  I wear a lot of black, so it's perfect for under my everyday clothes....
Basic Black Organic Cotton Lingerie Set - My personal favourite.

Oceanic Sheer Bra & Panties Set

Catnap Sleep Mask

Cheetah Mesh Longline Bralette and Panties

Natural Unbleached Organic Cotton Bra

Natural Unbleached Organic Cotton Lingerie Set

Lush Neon Longline Bralette - a little something different!

Nightshade Triangle Bra - another favourite

White Eyelet Sleep Mask

Vagabond Bikini Cut Panties
Forty Winks Polka Dot Sleep Mask


  1. I love Peonies too. So pretty and fragrant! Great photos - have fun camping!

  2. They're one of my favourites too. It's so cool that you have a plant that's been passed down through the generations!

  3. Wow, you've outdone yourself with your peony photo shoot! Peonies are my very favorite, but I don't have one in my flower bed (haven't been able to find a bush at my local flower shop). I do have a potted shamrock that my mom split off for me- her neighbor's grandmother brought it to the States from Ireland over 100 years ago, and shared a split with her! It's so special to have plants with a history. :)

  4. We have peonies that usually bloom right around my birthday! Although ours are late bloomers this year, they haven't opened yet!

  5. Wow, these are so gorgeous! I don't know why I'm still surprised, really... You always make such beautiful things! Oh and you just gave me a great idea! I've been wanting to make a sleeping mask, but didn't know what fabric I wanted to use, but I have some white eyelet cotton lying here that would be perfect, now that I've seen your white sleeping mask above, it is simply gorgeous!

  6. I love peonies too and they frame your pieces beautifully. Gorgeous!


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