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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am finally getting some sewing done after a most wonderful Holiday break. Dan and I spent New Years in - I cooked a terribly dry turkey and some gravy that would have better passed for Flubber - but it was wonderful, and we stuffed ourselves and had the best New Years (in my opinion) ever!
I finished up this romper this morning, after a quick run out to the post office to send out goodies and do some other errands. I was afraid, half way through this project, that it was turning out a little clownish, but I think it's turned out pretty cute!

I have high hopes for Ohhh Lulu this year and am really hoping I can make it my full time job.
Also, lets not forget, I am getting married this year! I am at a standstill with the planning... we have booked a venue, caterer, picked our bridal party, chosen the person to marry us... now I don't know what to do! I haven't even thought about the wedding in a couple of months and I'm afraid I'm going to get super behind... I'm finding this whole process way too easy which makes me think that I must be doing something wrong!


  1. There was no mention of a wedding dress in your post...is that something you've already sorted out?

    Super cute romper by the way, I think Ohhh Lulu has huge potential!

  2. I think I have found my dress! Though every time I look at the picture of it on the model... I don't like it, but I loved it on me! Will try on some more later this month :D

  3. Photographer, Clothes for the entire bridal party, wedding favours, invites, DJ, Cake, Hair & makeup consultations, Food tastings. The key is sitting down with the phone, the phonebook, the computer and force yourself to make one whole day all about booking appointments. What about enlisting your maid of honour and bridesmaids...married friends ? The work can be overwhelming but I found that constant to-do/check lists were life savers !! Good Luck !

  4. that is SUCH an adorable romper! not clownish in the slightest.

    good luck on planning your wedding; I helped get my sister's together in 3 months last summer... tiring but so very worth it!

  5. We are both wanting a very relaxed, casual wedding, which is making things a lot less stressful. We don't want to spend a lot of money, we just want to celebrate with our friends and family. Our venue for the ceremony is actually free - a beautiful wooden pergola on the water here in beautiful muskoka Ontario! We have the most gorgous natural backdrop for a wedding :D

    I'm sure as the time creeps up it will become a little more stressful though! lol

  6. Sounds like the venue is going to be just beautiful! And as long as you love the dress on yourself, then that's all the matters surely!?! Good luck with it all ;o)


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