Bridal Show Breakdown...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dan and I went to a Bridal Show this afternoon with my Mom. The minute I walked in, I immediately felt terribly overwhelmed by the flashing lights and terrible dance music, provided by a local DJ. I was instantly barraged by women selling me over-priced invitations, cupcakes, and "candy buffets." We browsed at cheesy, overpriced wedding photographs, before we all decided it was a huge waste of time, and I left horribly depressed. I had a good cry this afternoon and spent an hour or so feeling sorry for myself... before I realized I really do have most of this wedding figured out.
I am having a hard time fitting into the "Bride" archetype. I'm finding my best strategy, is not paying any attention to the commercial wedding industry and just do everything myself out of my own imagination.

Now, here is something I am comfortable with, shaping fabric into lovely garments. This is the Betsey Johnson pattern I've mentioned before. I cut it out of a piece of small, floral print cotton, and lined the banded sleeves in broiderie anglaise. I sewed the vertical seams with a french seam finish, which is my favourite seam finish! The top is so cute, very "me," cut in a near semi circle, flowing out from just under the bust. It has a tie around the empire line to cinch it all in. I'll post more pictures as soon as I have some day light again!


  1. 2 sites to check out: the forums on indiebride (here's the archive link to my wedding recap from there, cue shameless showing of wedding pics!) and offbeatbride, the wedding porn category has great pics!

    your strategy to stay true to your feeling about what you want is perfect. both sites really helped me do what we wanted for our wedding without having to resort to commercial wedding industry's version of what they want you to want.

    good luck, i'm sure it will be stunning! (and i LOVE that print for the top you made!)

  2. Bridal shows are scary! You're paying attention to the marriage as the important part, not the wedding :) Brava.

  3. Your wedding looked AMAZING! Thank you for the links, they are real life-savers! Its nice to see an intellectual look at weddings, because I'm finding this whole experience to be challenging my morals and social values, in both good and not so great ways (ie the Bridal show).

    I'm appreciating all the input from people here, it is really great :)

  4. awww thanks!!! if it helps we wrote the ceremony ourselves (obviously not churchy types), wrote our own vows and had non-traditional music (like we walked down the aisle to belle and sebastian "piazzo new york catcher").

    make it what you love and it will be perfect for you both :)


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