Thursday, January 13, 2011

I feel like I never get as much done as I hope to on my days off. I did make some time to visit with a friend, and I am without a car right now as Dan is going to school in Toronto, so doing any running around takes 10x as long.

I don't want to jinx it, but I will be sending some things (including the rompers above) to a independant shop in North Bay, Ontario in the coming weeks, to sell on consignment. My first store! While I hope to sell a ton of stuff, I am happy just to be given the opportunity! I will be sending a size run of rompers, lace and jersey Bra and pantie sets,Ruffled Bloomers , and some Cotton, Ruffled thongs . I am done the three rompers and three ruffled bloomers, the rest should be done next week. I am very excited about this whole venture!

I can't believe two days flew by so fast... though I did do a lot, including registering my business... but for now, off to an 11 hour shift at the car shoppe.


  1. This is so exciting and I'm totally routing for you! There's just no way that your lushious lingerie won't be a success! Can't wait to see the finished garments you've pictured in this post. Good luck with it all!

  2. Thank you!! I really hope it does well, and it is great for getting my name out there!

    When are you going to get your aprons up on Etsy? :D

  3. That's great news! I've seen your stuff on Etsy and every piece you make seems to be even cuter than the last one.


  4. Oh thank you! Glad to have others sharing in the excitement with me!

  5. That's wonderful, congratulations! I'm sure your beautiful creations will sell like hot cakes!


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