Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Took my sewing machine in to be repaired today... it may not even be looked at until Thursday which put a huge damper on my plans. However, I am saved by my dear cousin who is lending me her sewing machine! Which is good because I am really in the crunch to get orders done.

Dad looks much better than I had anticipated and is going in for angioplasty tomorrow so we should have more news then. My mom and I will go with him for the day. He seemed in good spirits, despite having a pretty life altering experience, and joked with us like he normally would.

I have to admit, the thought keeps flashing through my head... not having my dad at my wedding, or around to see his grand kids. It's a very scary thought and is reminding me of how precious life is, and how extremely fortunate I am to have such an amazing father.

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  1. Glad your dad's doing ok, hope everything goes well with the angioplasty! Both my granddads have had this procedure done and they are both fighting fit now, so fingers crossed!

    Good to hear that your orders are coming in thick and fast ;o)


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