Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've done a lot of wedding thinking over this last week. I've decided on flowers - simple carnations in a tall glass vase, with candles around it. For bouquets - carnations and roses in not quite pink-not quite purple... or maybe purple. That hasn't been decided yet.

I am trying to be very budget conscious with this whole ordeal - I recently read that the average couple spends $20,000 on their wedding. That is insane - I don't even bring that home after taxes in a year! We going to stay far, far, far under that.

Our Venue for the ceremony is free and I just can't get over how perfect it is - there are rocks forming two rows of seating. We just need a few chairs for a few of our guests and nature does the rest! We have already found our officiant and basically chosen our vows (which nearly made me cry just reading them, they are quite non-traditional but beautiful).

I don't know what to do for music... for me, it isn't that important, but others have said it is important. I'd be happy to hear opinions. I would love to have a live musician... I am also still trying to figure out how we are all going to arrive, and where I can stand so I am slightly out of sight before the ceremony. There is an area of tree's off to the left, I suppose I could hide out in the forest!

We are going to go final dress shopping on the 29th. I was so surprised by what I ended up liking. I went in thinking I would like something like this: ball gown, simple, maybe some lace....

And wound up liking exactly what I told everyone I didn't want. I didn't want rouching, beading, didn't want fitted... and I ended up liking something similar to this style. I think because I am so petite (maybe 5'1"?) the ball gown was way too much fabric. I have never felt so... va-va-va-voom in my life! I am curvy, I might as well show it off while I can.

I was super stressed about shoes, but I found these Pour La Victoire shoes, with the blue underneath, which will work perfect. I will have blue (shoes), old (an antique pearl necklace of my mothers), borrowed (my cousins veil), and new (my dress)!

I found this Alfred sung bridesmaids dress that we all like. I don't know whether to do it in black or in a colour... the black is just so classic. I kind of want this dress too.

I believe I have found a photographer, and will meet with her soon. She takes very simple, vintage feeling photos, not cheesy and overly posed. I never thought I would get married so this whole process seemed very overwhelming at the start. I will be the first to admit, I know nothing about weddings or getting married, but I think maybe... it makes it a bit more exciting.

Dan and I have agreed on a few fun things for the reception, like buying vintage frames to put the table numbers in, and using things on sticks as name cards at the tables. Instead of doing a formal cake, we are going to do a help-yourself desert table with cupcakes. I am a little afraid of all the attention, but excited at the same time (I am a wallflower). I think we will do a slide show of pictures of us and friends and family. It is also the day after my Mom's birthday, so I would like to do something for her as well...

I am still mulling over ideas for favors. I love the idea of something handmade or edible, like a pot of honey or jam... We still need to finalize the guest list. At last count we had 100 guests... that may be a terrible amount of cookies to make.


  1. That sounds so lovely! I'm impressed how much you've decided on. I remember being a bit panicked about all the attention in the run up to my wedding, and particularly as I prepared to walk down the aisle. It's very weird to be centre of attention and I nearly called the whole thing off because it seemed so stupid for me to make such a bit display of myself (and I like attention!). But, once I'd reached my man at the front, all that was over and the day was perfect, you'll feel like a princess!

  2. Hey, congrats for your upcoming wedding! I can't believe how much money people spend (I'd say waste...) on this occasion, I know it's a very special day but as you've said it's highly possible to have a fun and unforgettable day without putting your house on mortgage^^ The place you've chosen is incredible and I love your dress, it's so glamourous! Even the bridesmaids will look good with this design -I'd go with the black btw :)

  3. The venue looks beautiful and you are lucky to live in a place where booking a park is free ! Ususally the city will take any oppourtunity for a money grab, from the cost of a permit to the cost of renting the park for a few hours.

  4. Your wedding plans look beautiful!
    I don't love the spotlight either but for one day it felt fantastic to be the center of attention. I knew it was only that day ;)

  5. I'm finding that working with a smaller budget is making the process even more fun - we are both pretty crafty and would rather DIY than buy ready made.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one worried about all f the attention. I feel like all the "brides" Ive spoken too have had their weddings planned since they were in utero... I find the whole things scary - but very exciting at the same time!

  6. I had about $0 budget for my wedding, LOL, but still managed a very lovely affair. I was lucky enough to get my wedding dress for free! Made all of the center pieces and programs myself, went with inexpensive but colorful flowers, and skipped the favors all together (no one seemed to notice or care I have to admit). For music I hired a local high-school student to play harp. Best decision ever! It was so elegant to have the guests seated while the harp was being played, and simple and beautiful to walk down the aisle to. Not to mention, she worked on the cheap!
    You are off to a great start - having the venue taken care of is huge piece, and honestly will help a lot of the other decisions fall into place.

  7. Great idea hiring a student for the music!!! I am going to look into that!


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