Sick, sick, SICK of winter!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is March 2nd, as I'm sure you all know, and I am SICK of winter! I woke up this morning to snows qualls, it is freezing outside, and there is a 20-some-odd car pile up on the highway south of here. I am really ready to be warm. Right now.

I want to wear pretty skirts and flow-y tops and cute shoes... I am so tired of boots and puffy coats, and woollen hats... This is just getting down right depressing...

So, I made some spring-y panties for my Etsy Shop. They are everyday panties, by which I mean, you can wear them under anything! I made myself a few pairs and they are really comfortable, and unlike a lot of my other styles, which have ruffles, you can wear them under pants.

Speaking of pants, I am in the midst of a pant sewing spree. I can't find the right pants for me to save my life. I am very petite, but have thick thighs, wide hips and a relatively itty bitty waist. I am constantly busting through the thighs of pants yet having to yank them up all the time because they will be too big for my waist! I am going to post a pattern review shortly... Ta Ta for now!

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  1. My favorite pair of undies is just like this! I really like your use of a print with the lace-they're so pretty :) I bought some stretch lace to sew new ones, just need to get on it.

    Good luck sewing pants. You're so prolific that once you get a good fit I'm sure you'll have a whole new pants wardrobe in weeks! lol


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