Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am exhausted!

This morning we made a family trip to a local greenhouse for mothers day, where we ended up picking up some beautiful dalias for the wedding. Afterwards, Dan and I spent a bit of time hiking local trails with the dog (who is now passed out cold on the couch and has been since about 2:00 this afternoon). Since we got back I've been sewing, sewing sewing... which I also did all day yesterday! Not that I'm complaining.

I finished up a custom order, a romper and panties, a camisole and knickers, and started the top secret give away ruffle bloomers, which you can see a sneak peek of at the top of this post! The set you see here is my peekaboo set, but with a little twist... I added more fullness to the ruffle around the hip and a nicer picot elastic. I made the top a basic bandeau with a clasp at the back and adjustable straps, covered in the chiffon in the front. I finished it of with a couple of fabric covered buttons, and am really happy with how it turned out! I must work with chiffon more. It can be a little tricky to work with, but it is so pretty and feminine.

So it's back to work tomorrow after my first full weekend off. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work... what a difference a good day job can make... I feel like I have so much more energy and such a better attitude towards life! I hope I keep liking this job as much as I have enjoyed it this week... as funny as it is to be doing social media marketing for a company that specializes in adult intimacy products, it is so much fun and really interesting! I feel pretty darn lucky to have stumbled upon this opportunity. It's providing me with a lot of great experience for Ohhh Lulu as well, which I have made a tentative goal of making my full time job in about a years time... finances permitting.

The only single thing I can even think to complain about is that I have had a never ending headache the last few days... To soothe it I've been taking some over the counter sinus medication, which seem to help a bit, but really makes me fuzzy and cloudy. I've been in a cold-medicine induced haze all weekend... I think I will take the rest of the night off and rest!

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  1. I hope your headache's gone now..you were probably over-worked and maybe dehydrated!?

    So glad you're enjoying your new day job, but I still hope that Ohhh Lulu really takes off full time ;o)

    Loving your peekaboo set too...it's gorgeous!


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